applesmc: upstream commits available

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Tue Oct 21 20:14:57 UTC 2008

Henrik Rydberg wrote:
> Tim Gardner wrote:
>> Is there any difference in functionality? I'm inclined to leave it be
>> since we're so close to release.
> No functional difference, but a few trivial formatting differences
> which are bound to create merge problems at some point.
> The reason for my proposing this change now is because I am hoping to
> squeeze in support for two more machines in applesmc: the iMac5 and
> the brand-new unibody Macbook, which was introduced just a week ago.
> The patches are trivial and machine-specific, thus very low risk.
> I have them tested and ready to go.
> Henrik

Kernel freeze was Oct 16, so I suggest you start an SRU in Launchpad.
We'll get it committed soon after release.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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