applesmc: hardy-lbm or hardy SRU?

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Thu Oct 16 14:39:17 UTC 2008

Henrik Rydberg wrote:
> Hello Tim,
> The number of bug reports and forum discussions regarding the applesmc module
> is quite large. The 2.6.27 version of applesmc solves a lot of problems, so
> backporting it to Hardy seems like a good idea. Do you agree? If yes, there
> is still the option to put it in hardy-lbm or hardy. I can send you patches
> for whichever solution you prefer.
> LP #284417
> Cheers,
> Henrik


I imagine its a substantial patch, so vetting it in LBM probably makes
the most sense. It it proves to be functional and stable, then we could
eventually migrate it into the kernel as an SRU.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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