Backporting nvidia-glx-177 to Hardy

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Sat Oct 11 18:05:57 UTC 2008


What are the chances that you could backport the Intrepid nvidia-glx-177
package to Hardy using the Hardy 2.6.27 kernel package that I have on
the kernel PPA at

I took a stab at it myself, but became hopelessly mired in some library
conflicts with the existing nvidia-glx-new. Of course I attempted this
on my main dev box which is setup for twinview, big mistake. I'm totally
hosed until I can either figure out how to re-install nvidia-glx-new, or
just perhaps dist-upgrade to Intrepid. Guess I should have done this
work on one of my nVidia laptops first. I toast them and reinstall all
the time.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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