[PATCH] Ubuntu-intrepid VMI bugfix

Zachary Amsden zach at vmware.com
Mon Oct 6 20:00:19 UTC 2008

Some JVM workloads under VMI got broken in the i386 / x86_64
architecture merge as a result of a typo in LDT accessors.  This patch
has already gone upstream and into -stable trees.

It looks like only Intrepid kernel is affected.  I'm not sure if you
will pull in the fix from upstream before release or not or if this will
even make the Intrepid schedule as is, so I figured it's best to give
you a patch and let you decide.

Here's the upstream commit from Linus' tree for reference:

commit dc63b52673d71f9d49b9d72d263a9f32df18c3ee
Author: Zachary Amsden <zach at vmware.com>
Date:   Tue Sep 30 11:02:12 2008 -0700

    x86: Fix broken LDT access in VMI


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