[Intrepid, Jaunty] SRU LP#290506

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Mon Nov 24 10:13:05 UTC 2008

Tim Gardner wrote:
> Tim Gardner wrote:
>> Stefan Bader wrote:
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/290506
>>> Jaunty would only be missing the last patch.
>>> SRU justification:
>>> Impact: Webcams using the uvcvideo driver suffered several problems
>>> starting with Intrepid (starting with the move to v4l2 and the use of
>>> the v4l1 library).
>>> Fix: This patches update several issues with the driver (also adding
>>> support for a few models) and has been verified to help issues with
>>> those webcams. All but the last patch are taken from upstream. The last
>>> one is taken from the uvcvideo repository and should also hit upstream
>>> sooner or later. All patches only change the uvcvideo driver. Impact on
>>> the overall system should be minimal.
>>> Testcase: Webcams not working properly in cheese without.
>> I would really like to see these split into multiple SRUs, each with
>> their own LP report. Only 3 of these patches appear to have direct
>> applicability to the v4l2 issues, the rest are either device enablement
>> or just a damn good idea.
>> v4l2 (currently #290506)
>> 0007-V4L-DVB-9031-uvcvideo-Fix-incomplete-frame-drop.patch
>> 0009-V4L-DVB-9035-uvcvideo-Declare-missing-camera-and.patch
>> 0012-UBUNTU-uvcvideo-Commit-streaming-parameters-when-e.patch
>> General Stability:
>> 0001-V4L-DVB-8729-Use-DIV_ROUND_UP.patch
>> 0004-V4L-DVB-8846-uvcvideo-Supress-spurious-EOF-in-e.patch
>> 0008-V4L-DVB-usbvideo-don-t-use-part-of-buffer-for-USB-tr.patch
>> 0010-V4L-DVB-9036-uvcvideo-Fix-control-cache-access-w.patch
>> Device Enablement:
>> 0005-V4L-DVB-8847-uvcvideo-Add-support-for-a-Bison-El.patch
>> 0006-V4L-DVB-9030-uvcvideo-Add-support-for-Advent-42.patch
>> 0011-V4L-DVB-9169-uvcvideo-Support-two-new-Bison-Elec.patch
>> Suspend/Resume:
>> 0002-V4L-DVB-8754-uvcvideo-Implement-the-USB-power-ma.patch
> Let me further clarify. I'm fine with collapsing all of the patches
> within a category into one SRU. For example, all of the patches in
> 'General Stability' can go into one SRU, etc.

I opened the following additional bug reports for tracking:


Given ACKs, I would proceed to push the changes to the Intrepid repo.
Jaunty should be ok up to patch 0011. 0012 might be missing. Currently pulling 
to check.

> I'm just thinking about regression analysis issues. Martin will be very
> unhappy if we drop this huge number of changes on him with no way to
> distinguish root cause of possible regressions.
> rtg


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