SRU request for LP#210742

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Mon May 12 17:25:10 UTC 2008

SRU justification:

Impact: IPV6 temporary addresses won't work if two prefixes are
advertised on a link with one having a preferred_lifetime of 0 (usually
the case after a re-numbering).

The reason is that when router advertisement is processed, they update
all the temporary addresses and not just the relevant one. Furthermore,
no temporary addresses should be created with a preferred lifetime of 0.

The patch attached is from two relatively straight forward two upstream
cherry picks (originally davem/net-2.6.git and recently Linux
2.6.25-rc9) back ported to 2.6.24.

(This bug affects the second biggest french ISP (more than 1M
subscribers) and without it temporary addresses are useless.

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