Another patch for Hardy Heron

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Sun May 11 01:42:14 UTC 2008

Larry Finger wrote:
> Attached is a patch to fix at least some of the problems in Ubuntu Bug
> #184600. It probably is not the complete answer as there seem to be a mixed
> bag of problems in that thread.
> What I do not understand is the problem with the BCM4312 that was
> reported at Bug #197959, and the reason that Colin reverted the original
> patch. No one has reported this specific problem with any BCM4312 cards
> on the bcm43xx mailing list. If der_vegi's card is a rev 2, then b43 was
> never loading before the original patch was applied. If it was a rev 1
> card, then this patch should have had no effect. We have seen some
> 802.11a/b/g cards trying to switch bands based on scan requests from
> mac80211. This patch fixes that problem by disabling the A PHY, which is
> not implemented anyway.
> If you know how to contact der_vegi, it would probably be best to see if
> this patch has any adverse effect on his system. If it does, I certainly
> would like to see the diagnostics for his card.
> Thanks,
> Larry

Hi Larry - Thanks for the patches. I've applied them to bugs #197959 and
#192720 (plus the debug config patch). I'll get a test kernel built and
solicit some feedback in the bug reports before I go through the SRU
process. As soon as I have a PPA kernel built I'll advertise it at

Hopefully we can get some feedback from der_vegi and figure out if there
is still a regression.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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