Btrfs v0.14 Released

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at
Fri May 2 16:07:45 BST 2008

On Friday 2008-05-02 16:38, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
>On Fri, May 02, 2008 at 10:34:07AM -0400, Chris Mason wrote:
>> Thanks, but this uses CONFIG_SECURITY_APPARMOR which isn't enough to tell if 
>> the kernel has the patch.  Lets go back to Jeff's suse patch:
>Do we really need to support kernels compiled with the apparmour patch
>applied but not enabled?  That would be a custom kernel build, and I get
>the impression that people Just Don't Do That -- if they want a newer
>kernel, they fetch one from  Maybe I'm wrong though.

I think so too. Corollary: if there is a distro that has apparmor
patched into its kernel, then there is [hopefully] a suitable rpm

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