Kernel SRU Buglist

Dan Munckton lists at
Fri May 9 11:33:35 UTC 2008


> I figured since there is currently a focus on SRU's, especially for
> the
> Hardy 8.04.1 point release, I'd put together an SRU candidate buglist
> for you to refer to.  It just lists some bugs I've come across which
> might qualify for the 8.04.1 point release as well as some SRU
> candidates for previous releases:

The PS3 port team are going to need some critical fixes included in the
kernel for 8.04.1. Could we get them scheduled on this list too?

Here are the two I'm working on at the moment: - I'm testing out
a patch for this from upstream at the moment. I will hopefully know by
tonight if the patch resolves the issue. - I've yet to
investigate this properly.



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