Btrfs v0.14 Released

Tim Gardner timg at
Fri May 2 16:06:38 UTC 2008

Chris Mason wrote:
> On Friday 02 May 2008, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> [ Btrfs oops with apparmor patched in ]
>> Make is not my forte, but here is a working test to see if apparmor
>> exists in Ubuntu 8.04.
>> Maybe have make apply a patch to the btrfs source if this test
>> succeeds? Does this work in SUSE?
>> _for_btrfs.patch
> Thanks, but this uses CONFIG_SECURITY_APPARMOR which isn't enough to tell if 
> the kernel has the patch.  Lets go back to Jeff's suse patch:
> /*
>  * Even if AppArmor isn't enabled, it still has different prototypes.
>  * Add more distro/version pairs here to declare which has AppArmor applied.
>  */
> #if defined(CONFIG_SUSE_KERNEL)
> # define REMOVE_SUID_PATH 1
> # endif
> #endif
> Could someone from Ubuntu please suggest a replacement for CONFIG_SUSE_KERNEL 
> and KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,22) that would correspond with ubuntu kernels shipped 
> with apparmor?  We don't need some define from the apparmor patch, just a 
> global flag that says it comes from ubuntu is enough.
> -chris
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To the best of my knowledge, the AppArmor patches are arch and flavour
independent. If CONFIG_SECURITY_APPARMOR exists, then the AA code is
compiled. This is certainly the case for Hardy. Neither Kees or myself
are aware of any reason why it won't also hold true for Intrepid.

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