Notification of ABI breaking updates

Fri Mar 28 08:14:23 UTC 2008

De: Soren Hansen
Enviado el: jue 27/03/2008 14:46
Para: kernel-team at ubuntu
Asunto: Notification of ABI breaking updates

>Hi guys!

>Some third parties want to provide modules compiled against our stable
release kernels.  To make this process more streamlined, I'm wondering
if some sort of announcement could be made when ABI breaking updates are
afoot (like e.g. when they're uploaded to -proposed or to the security
buildd) or when they actually land (in case of embargoed uploads which
we - obviously - can't announce ahead of time)?

>If you have better ideas, please shout.

Good idea. 

In any case one would create *generic* drivers for as much as possible hardware (i.e. generic monitor, generic keyboard, generic WiFi .... ) and so on. Customized drivers could be based on this generic drivers (and, in any case, the user could use a hardware although there is no customized driver in Linux).



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