[PATCH] USB stress test failure on AMD SB600

Huang, Shane Shane.Huang at amd.com
Fri Mar 7 02:39:00 UTC 2008

Linux USB guys submit another patch to make things better:

And that new patch can also replace this one:

So, I backported and attached this new patch here.
Can you apply it as well as the previous patch?
You need apply the previous patch at first, then this one.

The bugzilla has been updated too:

Please also note that these two backported patched is needed
only if your kernel <= 2.6.24, because they will be included from
kernel 2.6.25

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> From: Stefan Bader [mailto:stefan.bader at canonical.com] 
> Shane, do we have any positive feedback, that those patches really fix
> the problem? If I understood the related kernel bugzilla 
> correctly, this is still work in progress.


Those three patches
have been proved work well on our platforms, so we hope you can
add them(backported into two patches) if your kernel <= 2.6.24.
otherwise we may miss the boat of Ubuntu 8.04

It seems that the debug of this issue is coming to an end after the
discussion with the driver maintainer David Brownell

After you added our two backported patches, we will ask our QA to
continue to test on your new Alpha/Beta release.

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