ubuntu saa7134 driver - I'll like update it due to the standard one is too obsolete for my card :-)

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Tue Mar 4 14:53:08 UTC 2008

sioux wrote:
> Hi ubuntus  8-) ... I am Sioux the Signed-OFF (with collaboration of 
> other funny guys ;-) ) of saa7134 driver for card=131 a Twinhan Hybrid 
> DTV-DVB 3056 PCI (sources codes and driver are available at linuxtv.org 
> project).
> I see ubuntu comes out with a default saa7134 driver that not include my 
> card and each time I do a kernel update I must recompile the driver 
> :-(     from linuxtv.org; so with your help I would like to update this 
> driver for the ubuntu distro ( :-P  my preferred desktop OS).
> I am not a developer, I am an autodidatta (sorry I don't know how 
> translate it in english) and who wants help me is welcome!
> Let me know what I have to do.
> Bye for now.
> Sioux.

Convince the upstream project to stay current with ALSA. saa7134 isn't
going to get updated until the ALSA backport in linux-backports-modules
in April.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at ubuntu.com

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