Physical CPU hot remove is broken in hardy

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Tue Jun 24 13:20:34 UTC 2008

Alok Kataria wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> There are some patches which are required for the ubuntu-hardy tree to
> support physical cpu hot-remove. 
> In the mainline too there are some deadlock issues when hot removing a
> processor. This issues were discussed in detail over here
> There are a total of 7 patches which should be applied to the hardy tree
> to fix these issues. Of these 2 have been merged in the mainline tree.
> (I will send you these 2 patches in a separate mail)
> The rest of the 5 patches are in the ACPI tree, and Len had mentioned
> that, those patches will be pushed in the 2.6.27 merge window.
> The commits are
> 2f67a0695dc389247c05041b05d2a2b06fc102a3
> 087803d18fb8259cb844c075a35fb27c2d80792e
> 3d5ed99657e93cd0453a187c478e663e6b6a3a8b
> 89d675d0f987534139d330eb2689ec53fab9404e
> ad7f0d9feee6980a3ab3ea806854f56817d1da8e
> I am interested in knowing how do we merge these patches in the
> ubuntu-hardy tree, can these patches be applied to hardy for the 3rd
> July release ?
> Thanks,
> Alok

Alok - the window for updates for the July 3 release has passed. I also
have some security updates that take precedence, so its unlikely that
the next batch of Hardy updates will get released until mid-July (at the
earliest). If the 2.6.27 merge window has opened by then (and these
patches are accepted), I would prefer that you resubmit these 5 patches
as coming from Linus' tree. It makes it much easier to keep track of

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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