WIP NVIDIA packages for Intrepid (tseliot)

Alberto Milone albertomilone at alice.it
Fri Jun 20 07:28:48 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 18:33 +0200, Alberto Milone wrote:
> This package will try to build the kernel module with dkms. If the
> build
> fails, DKMS will tell you where you can find the log
> (/var/lib/dkms/nvidia/your_driver_version/build/make.log).


I forgot to add the following details which might help you testing:

1) if you install the nvidia-kernel-source the kernel module will be
built only for your current kernel. If you want to build the module for
other kernels - without having to boot into them - you can specify the
kernel version in DKMS in the following way:

sudo dkms build -m nvidia -v driver_version -k kernel_version

e.g. ´╗┐sudo dkms build -m nvidia -v ´╗┐177.13 -k 2.6.26-1-generic

2) The command which I DKMS uses to build the module (in the dkms.conf)
is the same as the one used in the old lrm:

make module KERNDIR=/lib/modules/$kernelver IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE=1
IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=1 SYSSRC=$kernel_source_dir



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