2.6.26 issues

Ben Collins ben.collins at canonical.com
Mon Jun 16 14:42:40 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 15:02 +0000, realKano at directbox.com wrote:
> Some issues with current snapshot:
> a) DVB modules got accidently disabled, please reenable em - you see this in config:
> # CONFIG_DVB_CORE is not set

Good catch, thanks.

> b) A new ALSA sound driver interferes with DVB driver.
> Please disable this:
> or at least blacklist it:
> blacklist snd-aw2
> I don't think that anybody will miss this driver, it was never here before, it only caues problems with saa7146 cards (take a look at budget-av to see that it uses the same pci id just in general form).

Thanks. We'll blacklist this, since we want the driver available (easier
for people to edit a file than to compile the module themselves).

> c) XEN
> Is it really needed to enable XEN by default? I don't know of any working XEN patch for nvidia 173.x drivers which would allow compilation - without it should be possible (until 171.x you might be able to patch the driver, official 2.6.26 patches are only for 173.x drivers out).

Yes, it is needed. We have lguest, VMI paravirt and xen paravirt enabled
by default. We hope that nvidia can provide patches (or we can help to
create patches) to get this working better. We've set a precedent in the
past, that we wont disable features in our kernels, reducing it's
usefulness, just because a proprietary driver conflicts with it. We
still hold to this.

> As there are lots of users with 4GB and more maybe think about enabling this by default.

We only had this enabled on i386-server before. People have always
needed 64-bit for desktop to use > 4G of mem. We've disabled it on the
32-bit server kernel now, since it keeps a lot of things (that are of
particular interest to server installs) from working:

* lguest : Server is a popular install for kvm guests
* dma engines : Server's quite often want to take advantage of enhanced 
  dma hardware

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