SRU request for LP#152187

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at
Mon Jun 9 13:07:55 UTC 2008

SRU justification:

Impact: This bug showed up on suspend/resume with a serial Wacom tablet,
but due to the nature of the problem could also hide in other
suspend/resume problems. Whenever IRQ descriptors with 3 bytes are saved
as 2 byte descriptors this can cause trouble since this is often assumed
to be the same size.

Fix: Some major changes to the ACPI subsystem. Most of it is accepted
upstream. Just the way of incooperation it is slow. But should make it
for 2.6.26 (although then hidden in other changes). One piece is missing
upstream which was in our test kernel. A modified version has been
accepted into -mm (diff to ours is just a debug line).
Fix has been tested in a PPA kernel for around a month now.

Testcase: Suspend with a tablet attached and resume. The tablet is not
working without the fix.

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