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Tue Jul 29 13:15:53 UTC 2008

Hello Tim:
    I don't think we can meet the schedule of 2.6.27. But thank you very much for adding the VIA_3364 ID. Regarding the remove of VT3336 ID and the behavior canges, I need to check with our engineers. 
Bruce C. Chang

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BruceChang at wrote:
> To whom it may concern:
>     This is Bruce from VIA Technologies, Inc. We received some 
> complaints that the interface between Ubuntu kernel and VIA driver 
> will have problem after kernel updated. Although it is prepared to be 
> checking-in mainline, however it still take time for be in mainline 
> kernel. To avoid regressing 8.04 users, we would like to request your 
> kind help to review attached DRM patch set for VIA chrome9 graphic 
> driver and to include them in the 8.10 release. Please kindly let me 
> know if you have any comment.
> Thank you very much and best regards 
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> Bruce C. Chang(±i¯ª©ú)
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Are these patches submitted for the 2.6.27 merge window? If so, I can just cherry-pick them for Intrepid when they appear in Linus' tee.

I've added the PCI ID for VIA_VT3364 to Hardy, but I did not remove the PCI ID for VIA_VT3336 as was indicated in the patch via-agp.patch-2.6.24. Was this an oversight? I'm not going to remove device support without some explanation.

I also incorporated the DRM patch, though I would have preferred to add it to Hardy LUM instead of the kernel. However, the new Chrome9 module requires kernel headers that are not included in the linux-headers package.

Can you describe what behavioral changes we might expect? I'm especially interested in regression possibilities for PCI ID 0x3230 ?

Please send future patch submissions as clear text.

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