[PATCH 1/2] hardy-lbm: bcm5974: remove dynamic quirks, instead post-install quirkline

Henrik Rydberg rydberg at euromail.se
Thu Jul 24 23:56:09 UTC 2008

Ben Collins wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 12:18 +0200, Henrik Rydberg wrote:
>> This patch aims at resolving the problem of initializing
>> the bcm5974 by installing a quirkline in /etc/modprobe.d/bcm5974,
>> which makes usbhid ignore the trackpad.
>> The install/remove scripts are only added, not linked into
>> postinst; hoping for some help to do it properly.
> NACK in a few ways:
> - Completely against policy. Creating files like this is just broken.
> - Wont work on LiveCD installs since postinst is never run in this case.
> - Causes linux-lbm to fail to install on systems where bcm5974 doesn't 
>   exist.
> Put the quirks in the code where it belongs. This is the wrong way to
> handle this.

Very well - you can scratch patch 2/2 also, since it wont apply cleanly
without 1/2. I will resend it as a single upgrade patch.

Regarding the quirks, I'll simply wait and see how it works in the
next proposed ppa upload before doing anything about it. I already
reported that there are severe problems with the current approach
if booting from disk and not from the initrd.


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