RealTek 8185

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Wed Jul 9 12:54:38 UTC 2008


The best chance of getting your rtl8185 to work is by using the (soon to
be released) Hardy linux-backports-modules package which contains the
current upstream bleeding edge wireless stack and device driver suite.
As Will Daniels points out, my PPA is indeed a dangerous source unless
you know what you are doing.

As for the -20 kernel not booting, you can catch grub during the boot
process by hitting ESC, then edit the kernel boot command and remove
'quiet splash' which will allow you to see the kernel startup messages.
Perhaps that will tell you where the boot process is failing. I am
interested because my PPA kernel has some patches that affect the core
kernel, so I am watching for regressions.


Des Gregory wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I've looked through launchpad and read various things on the forums
> (especially the things from Will Daniels) and your name seems to be
> associated with the fix that gets this working. Specifically I'm trying
> to get a Zyxel G-302 v3 PCI wireless card to work, as natively as
> possible (Synaptic for updates etc in the future; network manager, being
> able to use various wireless security etc). lspci says it uses the
> RealTek 8185 chipset.
> The contacts at the sourceforge project for the driver (
> say that any 2.6.25
> kernel should resolve this.
> Will Daniels posts a fix here:
> which
> points to you Tim Gardner's Launchpad PPA
> <>
> ... and also here:
> (an
> older one I think)
> Basically I'm now stuck!
> The
> instructions
> download your new kernel but my machine won't boot (it gets to the
> Ubuntu boot progress screen, where the progress bar gradually completes,
> but stops with just a tiny part of a segment not completed).
> So I reboot, hit esc in grub and load an older kernel. Tried the other
> Will Daniels fix and can 'connect' through roaming mode, ie it allows me
> to see the Wireless Access Point and even thinks it's connected but
> won't ping and won't allow internet access (either that or, if I set up
> the connection manually, it hangs the machine!).
> These: and
> which seem to have a 2.6.25 kernel messed up my graphics and wouldn't
> recognise my wireless card anyway!
> I hope you don't mailing you directly, but I'm LOATHE to use
> NDISWrapper to resolve this.
> Please can you help? BTW I'm in contact with Zyxel and hopefully RealTek
> soon, so if I can put you in touch with any of them to try to get this
> sorted once and for all in conjunction with the manufacturer, I'm happy to.
> Thanks
> Best regards, Des Gregory
> + 44 (0)79 7095 0070
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