SRU consideration for LP#218087

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Wed Jul 2 16:19:20 UTC 2008

Stefan Bader wrote:
> SRU justfication:
> Impact: Some tablets do not work right out of the box (rather weak)...
> Fix: Backport driver from Intrepid/Upstream. Patch is attached. Changes
> are not too big but big enough to make the kABI bump. Yuck. Everything
> contained within the four driver files. Possibly only makes sense when
> other changes would bump the kABI anyways. Additional benefit, the patch
> adds some suspend/resume code.
> Testcase: Try to use the mentioned Bamboo device. Won't be found in
> Hardy but wil be in Intrepid.

In general this doesn't look too bad, though there might be
possibilities for regressions. Does this patch have any mileage on it?
I'm pretty sure doko has one of these wacom tablets on a Thinkpad,
though I'm not sure its a bamboo device. He could at least test for

The ABI bump is fine since there are already a couple of ABI bumpers in
the SRU queue.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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