7.10 support of new AMD PowerNow! (family 0x11 and beyond)

Langsdorf, Mark mark.langsdorf at amd.com
Tue Jan 22 20:51:32 GMT 2008

Hello all.

In late November, I submitted a few patches to this list
for consideration in an Ubuntu 7.10 update release.  The
purpose was to provide support for PowerNow! in AMD's
forthcoming Family 0x11 processors.  There was a short
patch submittted on 11/27 that addressed Family 0x11
parts, and a much larger patch on 11/29 that handled all
future AMD parts.

There was never much discussion of them that I saw, and
so I don't know which, if either, was adapted.  Linux
PowerNow! support of family 0x11 parts is becoming 
important to some of our OEMs, so I'm trying to determine
what the Ubuntu kernel community did.  Would someone 
please enlighten me?

Thank you.

-Mark Langsdorf
Operating System Research Center

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