ume/hardy-ume & ume/hardy-ume-lum build issues

Chetty, Jay jay.chetty at
Thu Feb 21 06:43:41 UTC 2008

I'm trying to get the ume/hardy-ume kernel source built from my PPA
first to make sure it's OK before it push it to Ubuntu-mobile PPA.

It gets built but fails to upload the binaries. I guess it will fail the
same way if I upload it to Ubuntu-mobile PPA.


Source Package: linux

 * Version: 2.6.24-9.16+804ume2

 * Architecture: lpia

 * Archive: jaychetty PPA

 * Component: main

 * State: Failed to upload

 * Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

 * Build Log:

 * Builder:

 * Source: not available


05:17:52 ERROR   Unhandled exception processing upload



Then I tried to build it locally (chroot). The Kernel builds fine but
the LUM has compile errors (see attachment)

I'm stuck. Can someone please take a look ?




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