[RFC] Ability to link launchpad bugs to the hardware database

Pete Graner pgraner at canonical.com
Tue Dec 9 18:12:04 UTC 2008

Steve Conklin wrote:
> This obviously would have to happen in launchpad, but I want to know
> whether anyone else things this is potentially helpful.
> What if . . . we could link a bug to one or more specific hardware
> entities in the hardware database? That would make it trivially easy to
> search for all bugs that relate to a particular piece of hardware,
> instead of searching for the PCI or USB identifier and hoping it's in
> the bug.
> This would allow some interesting tools:
> Search submitted lspci and lsusb output against existing bugs - even a
> tool that allows a user to query for all open bugs against the hardware
> they are running.
> Query to get a feel for how many people are affected by a particular bug.
> Comments?

This is already done. It was broken down in the three phases:

1. Modify the HW Db schema to take in all the info that is needed at the 
right level (DMI Decode, lshal, lspci, lsusb ...) (COMPLETE)
2. API Development and provide command line searching via API (ALMOST 
3. Integration in to Launchpad. This will be developed in the 3.0 cycle.

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