[ACTIVITY] Nov 24 - 28

Jim Lieb jim.lieb at canonical.com
Tue Dec 2 01:58:26 UTC 2008

Wrote spec for kernel process track at UDS.
Short week due to Thanksgiving holiday

292429 - reports from proposed confirm fix.

290197 - no change.  Discussion at UDS.

268242 - MSI-X support in qla2xxx driver: got reply back from reporter.  They
rebooted with pci=nomsi to solve their problem.  They have not been able
to reproduce the problem.

287701 - USB mass storage mount failures with nokia 5610.  Added
unusual devs entries from upstream, built packages and will publish to
ppa.  Working out the process and will doc in bugfix wiki.

281647 - IR remote for MSI TV.  In process.

Jim Lieb
Ubuntu Kernel Team
Canonical Ltd.

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