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Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Fri Apr 25 13:48:36 UTC 2008

Klett, Stefan wrote:
> Hi List Subscribers,
> I'm writing you because I have been assigned to the task of building a
> minimal monolithic xen kernel supporting dom0 and domU . After some days
> of trying I have got a monolithic domU image running ontop of the the
> precompiled linux-image-2.6.24-12 that came with the ubuntu hardy beta.
> My problem starts with the dom0 - I got the source package of the image
> and tried to recompile it with the new configuration. Sadly the
> resulting image does not run as dom0. (The kernel doesn't boot - the
> boot stops after the hypervisor tries to hand over control to it -dying
> with "relinquishing vga console".) By skimming the patch and reading
> some postings on the ubuntu mailing lists I came to the assumption ,that
> the dom0 patch is not actually applied on the the source. I re-fetched
> the source packet and applied the diff part manually - but this did not
> change anything.
> My question to you is now how I could properly rebuild the xen-image
> with a custom .config. Though I've some years experience with other
> flavours of linux distros I'm relatively new to ubuntu - so that I might
> have missed something -  could you please tell me how this is done
> correctly ?
> Many thanks in advance for your help and your time
> Best regards
> Stefan
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Stefan - get the kernel source according to You can then build xen with:

fakeroot debian/rules custom-binary-xen

You can observe how the xen kernel is patched by using:

debian/rules custom-prepare-xen

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