grub fast resume patch

Xu, Martin martin.xu at
Fri Oct 12 09:26:15 UTC 2007

Hi all:
Frank and I have been developing the fast resume patch for grub. This
patch can decrease the time to resume from hibernate greatly. Below is
the test result:

Fast resume from grub: 24 S
Normal resume: 		46 S

Hardware Platform:
	Sunsumg Q1 ultra: 
		CPU Genuine Intel(R) processor 800MHZ; 
		Memory 1G
	Kernel linux2.6.22

Below is the work theory of our "grub fast resume" patch
The normal swsusp2 resume process is:
"grub" -> "kernel" -> "initrd" -> "resume from the hibernate" 
Our "grub fast resume patch" can work as below:
"grub" -> "resume from hibernate"

Our "grub fast resume" patch can resume the saved hibernation image from
grub directly that will save much time to load and run kernel and
initrd. The patch does not change any kernel code.

We hope you can have a look at our patch and accept it. Thank you in
I will give our patch soon.

Frank and I are engineers from Intel. We are working for MID (Moblie
Internet Device) project with ubuntu (see

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