List of patches from Feisty kernel needing sorting

Amit Kucheria amit at
Wed Oct 3 00:00:11 UTC 2007


Just for fun, I made a list of patches with the [UBUNTU] tag in
Feisty. After filtering out all the maintenance commits, it leaves us
with 429 commits. And the result of trying to apply them is at

If somebody feels up to the task to go through some of them and point
out the SHA ids that should go into Gutsy with little effort, feel
free to do so. Even better would be patches that fix stuff where only
a hunk or two are failing in the whole patch.


Method for filtering and generating this file:

Get commit list from Feisty:
$ git log --pretty=oneline | grep UBUNTU | egrep -vi "Update
configuration files|Bump|2.6.20|2.6.22|debian|build|Start new
release|: ubuntu|Revert|d-i|squashfs" | cut -f1 -d" " >

Get count of matches for 'debian' inside the patches:
$ cat /tmp/feisty-shas | xargs -I '{}' sh -c "echo -n \"\"{}\" \"; git
show {} | grep -c debian" > /tmp/debian-related.txt

Delete lines in /tmp/debian-related.txt NOT containing 0 manually. It
was only a few lines. We now have a filtered SHA list.

Run the filtered SHA list through 'patch' on gutsy:
cat /tmp/feisty-shas | xargs -I '{}' sh -c "echo
\"---------------\n\"; git show {} | head -n 5; echo \"\n\"; git show
{} | patch -p1 --dry-run -Nf"

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