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Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Tue Nov 13 16:13:03 UTC 2007

I've updated with the list of 
patches applied to Gutsy that are either not (yet) upstream or are 
particular to the Ubuntu distribution (DSDT for example, which will 
likely never get upstream).

Please review this list to make sure that any patches that you care 
about are either in this list, or are already in the Hardy kernel;a=summary

Note that I've started a section for Hardy special sauce patches. I'll 
be updating that list as they are added so that I (hopefully) won't have 
to go through this exercise again for the next kernel.

Furthermore, I will expect to see evidence from submitters that patches 
have been submitted upstream (where appropriate) before they are applied 
to Hardy. I have updated 
'Preparing an upload' accordingly.


Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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