First kernel upload for gutsy...priceless

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sat May 5 13:03:59 BST 2007

Ben Collins wrote the following on 03.05.2007 16:52:


> The linux-image-generic package will depend on the matching kernel image
> and ubuntu modules.
> This means that it is impossible for someone to perform an upgrade from
> feisty and get linux-image-2.6.22-1-generic, but not get
> linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-1-generic. There is nothing to cause the
> kernel image to get updated without also bringing in the modules.


As you can see it is allready possible the have linux-generic installed
without having linux-generic meta.
That was after an stock install with alternate cd.

That might be an d-i issue but still....

bye Thilo
i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
- some friend of mine

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