[Feisty] list of changes that will go into the kernel update

Phillip lougher phillip at lougher.demon.co.uk
Wed May 16 21:45:43 UTC 2007

These are the changes that will be going into the next
Feisty kernel update.

I'll like to add a fix for the ps/2 mouse/keyboard problem, a lot of
people are complaining about this.  Apparently a fix has gone into
the 2.6.21-mm1 tree.  I'll pull that tomorrow.


  [Ben Collins]

  * Update to kvm-18.
    - GIT-SHA a834431b8c413681bd967cb298a07a4846277ac5
  * Provide kvm-api-9.
    - GIT-SHA a5f021ada74843e691d18ef935c690445240f7af
  * rtc: Ratelimit "lost interrupts" message.
    - GIT-SHA 0102aad3b17d22e67864aa5afd88bc108b881141
  * vbox: Remove this driver. It will be outdated by release.
    - GIT-SHA 60c8a6c1fbe7ed5dc28ccdd5a48c624e9ece56f3
  * hppa: Build fixes from jbailey.
    - GIT-SHA 4f87aff6afe3479c98f8a64e05c866027e7d473d
  * abi: Ignore kvm ABI changes (non-relevant to anything)
    - GIT-SHA e60ca0f403df42355db4622a74144cec81b853b2
  * mmc: Set parent for block dev's to host, not class device.
    - GIT-SHA 0400a0ceb5afa2afcda76c92d4425c4696e72845
    - Bug #99648

  [Daniel Chen]

  * sound/pci/: Forward-port intel8x0 quirks from ubuntu-edgy.git
    - GIT-SHA a2ce991fa1b7d601c428564f3741044a492d13a4
  * sound/pci/: Forward-port more intel8x0 quirks from kernel-team@
    - GIT-SHA 5263bd37eeeedc72447441bdec9fc47e7cca83d9
  * sound/pci/hda/: Revert Toshiba model setting (ALC861_TOSHIBA) for SSID
    1179:ff10 (patch_realtek.c)
    - GIT-SHA b6fffb0f499459dfaef0f022f2da1f3fcb4fbdc2
  * sound/pci/hda/: Add missing SSID for ALC861-VD (patch_realtek.c)
    - GIT-SHA 0ca1a43cc8e4d484963a7f6e4866602d5fe576db
  * sound/pci/ac97/: Fix regression from Edgy - readd jack sense blacklist
    entries (ac97_patch.c)
    - GIT-SHA 963f93d185fc40ab7853ce75480a5fbcd607e070
  * sound/pci/hda/: Fix regression from Edgy - incorrect model quirk for
    ALC861-VD (patch_realtek.c)
    - GIT-SHA 382e158458c0771a6bd48cc8a64df6e24a46682e
  * sound/pci/hda/: Fix inaudible sound on yet another Toshiba laptop -
    incorrect model quirk (patch_realtek.c)
    - GIT-SHA fbbec3e6208990a1dbe34766396084d683bc3322

  [Kyle McMartin]

  * Enable ICH8GM (Crestline) support
    - GIT-SHA 5b87e59b3898d33e11f71fcc037e7d1c6480aee0
  * bcm43xx: Update to 2.6.21
    - GIT-SHA 9424583295f2fa0920a611eb0f37ccd8fb2dc453
  * p54pci: Fix error path when eeprom read fails
    - GIT-SHA c10305577fa669b114bcb03d6f80bdcbcd46a93a

  [Phillip Lougher]

  * Squashfs: add SetPageError handling
    - GIT-SHA ff5082e7b9e1b48d33bbb26fbe9104ee1956688a
  * Fix pata_sis crashes preventing booting
    - GIT-SHA 1b27e19fa9145a1579cfecccf7d5be7d7e242e46
    - Bug #107774
  * Initialize the Broadcom USB Bluetooth device in Dell laptops.
    - GIT-SHA 0f50a719466ae29c18b9b75df3ae64312d6523cf
  * Update tifm driver to 0.8d
    - GIT-SHA 6bec583645852716f3fee4a7d2534be1acf060d6
    - Bug #53923
  * sound/pci/hda/: Forcibly set the maximum number of codecs (hda_intel.c)
    - GIT-SHA d8f18e83ea5ef15ab519f6bf03cccb3bdeb2e469
    - Bug #106843
  * Update Squashfs to latest version.
    - GIT-SHA 0772c73cca2242ae94a6c355c2a2f0e10dd93441

  [Tim Gardner]

  * Added more USB device IDs
    - GIT-SHA 139e45123031d80bebcb8e609d6a079538db0970
  * Prevent i2c_ec module from faulting becasue of uninitialized device
    - GIT-SHA 490e63428ab4b3801bc94f520097fd43a57fbc3f
  * Initialize the device with the ACPI structure.
    - GIT-SHA 5df920c2fd7da80ea1d47d0c664a747700bf33f1
  * Backported from 2.6.21-rc6
    - GIT-SHA 4d0bb04551b393dfc12552d26dff259034c7620c
  * Remove vboxdrv from the module lists.
    - GIT-SHA 4aae55dc540f17b7b295047b99f4f68c43d01930
  * Cause SoftMac to emit an association event when setting ESSID.
    - GIT-SHA c7a6bbdf4493b2951f02c924bd4a85d01b46c839
    - Bug #https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/103768

  [Upstream Kernel Changes]

  * ocfs2_dlm: Missing get/put lockres in dlm_run_purge_lockres
  * ocfs2_dlm: Add missing locks in dlm_empty_lockres
  * ocfs2_dlm: Fix lockres ref counting bug
  * ocfs2_dlm: Check for migrateable lockres in dlm_empty_lockres()
  * [PS3] Add HV call to local_irq_restore().
  * i2c: Remove the warning on missing adapter device
  * 2.6.21 fix lba48 bug in libata fill_result_tf()
  * futex: PI state locking fix
  * [APPLETALK]: Fix a remotely triggerable crash (CVE-2007-1357)
  * [IPV6]: Fix for ipv6_setsockopt NULL dereference (CVE-2007-1388)
  * DCCP: Fix exploitable hole in DCCP socket options (CVE-2007-1730)
  * [IPv4] fib: Fix out of bound access of fib_props[] (CVE-2007-2172)
  * (Denial of Service security fix from stable kernel
  * (Fix to Denial of Service security fix, from stable kernel
  * (ipv6 security bug fix from stable kernel
  * (Bug fix to ipv6 security fix, from stable kernel
  * [SPARC64]: SUN4U PCI-E controller support.
  * [VIDEO]: Add Sun XVR-500 framebuffer driver.
  * [VIDEO]: Add Sun XVR-2500 framebuffer driver.
  * [SPARC64]: Fix recursion in PROM tree building.
  * [SPARC64]: Bump PROMINTR_MAX to 32.
  * [SPARC64]: Correct FIRE_IOMMU_FLUSHINV register offset.
  * [SPARC64]: Add bq4802 TOD chip support, as found on ultra45.
  * [SERIAL] SUNHV: Add an ID string.
  * [SPARC64]: Be more resiliant with PCI I/O space regs.
  * [SPARC64]: Add missing cpus_empty() check in hypervisor xcall handling.

  [Wang Zhenyu]

  * intel_agp: fix G965 GTT size detect
    - GIT-SHA 8d9fac9fa2123f186f9f7c2b5ba7aaa594de1b58

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