First kernel upload for gutsy...priceless

Ben Collins ben.collins at
Sun May 6 07:05:02 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 09:16 +0200, Alessio Igor Bogani wrote:
> Hi,
> [...] 
> > > What happens if the patch fails to apply, or the patched source fails to
> > > build?  How does it affect the build time for kernel uploads?
> > 
> > In order to get these patches in, I required that they be backed by our
> > community both in some measurable man power and in infrastucture. So
> > bugs on these packages, and patching issues that arise in them will be
> > handled by these teams (Ubuntu Studio and ubuntu-xen for example). If
> > issues can't be fixed, then the flavour will get disabled. Once we get
> > near release, we will evaluate the flavour for whether or not it will
> > remain for release.
> Sorry for this (stupid) question and for my terrible english.
> How much time passes between creating a new tag in your git-tree and the
> release of related binary packages?
> Thanks in advance.

I never tag until I am actually doing the upload. So the sources gets
uploaded immediately. The buildds can require as much as 2 days to build
and have the binaries available on the archives.


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