Kernel update

graeme burton graeme_c_burton at
Mon Mar 5 16:30:45 GMT 2007


My system currently has kernel 2.6.17-11-powerpc. However, the system wants to update the following 

linux-2.6.17-restricted-modules from 2.6.17-11.1 to 2.6.17-11.2
linux-2.6.17-restricted-modules-common from 2.6.17-11.1 to 2.6.17-11.2

Given that my system is now currently working just fine and that kernel updates should alway made in sync with the following packages


I'm concerned that this update will bork my system, as has already happened my than once recently. Can you explain the reason for this update and give some indication of whether the kernel packages in the repos are finally sorted.



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