kernel upgrade erases /boot/grub/menu.lst changes

Robert Grasso robert.grasso at
Thu Jun 14 05:32:08 UTC 2007


I am new to Ubuntu (I was with Mandriva before). If this is not the correct 
list where I should submit my request, could you tell me to whom I should 
submit it ?

Here it is : 

as an old Unix sysadmin, I want to see every boot detail. Thus 
in /boot/grub/menu.lst, I always remove the boot options "quiet" 
and "splash". Alas, each time I install a new kernel upgrade, not only are my 
changes not reported onto the new kernel line, but they are undone on my old 
kernel line, where quiet and splash are restored.

Is this done on purpose ? I mean : when one knows what he's doing, why not 
take into account his changes and comply with them ? Or is there an option I 
did not discover yet, helping me getting what I am expecting ?

Best regards
Robert Grasso
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because 
  that would also stop you from doing clever things. -- Doug Gwyn

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