Minutes from Jun 12th kernel team meeting

Ben Collins ben.collins at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 13 12:55:42 UTC 2007

As always, meeting details are here 


This is a copy/paste of the minutes from the last meeting:

- Team Status
  * Absent: Tim (vac) and Kyle (UME sprint)
  * New start: Amit

- Discuss hand-off of gutsy maintenance to rest of team 
  * ACTION: Ben to provide schedule of major devel cycle events, 
    including uploads and rebase days, to be matched against 
  * ACTION: Ben to provide process document for maintaining tree 

- KVM status (cr3) 
  * Ben ran test of KVM just before meeting, all seemed working
  * Issues noted:
    > vpn requirement 
    > reference of machines names to id requires cross checking a file
      on the cert system
  * ACTION: Marc will work on getting ssh or stunnel to replace vpn 

- An intro to bugs from distro-qa:
  * heno instroduced distro-qa team and discussed some processes they 
    will be using for high priority bugs.
  * ACTION: Ben will add a rolling agenda item to kernel team meetings 
    to discuss hi prio distro-qa bugs.
  * ACTION: Ben will schedule time at Distro Sprint in London for 
    distro-qa and kernel team: Topics to include bug workflow and 
    handling of distro-qa bugs.

- Open discussion: none

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