Feisty security update, list of changes (try 2)

Phillip lougher phillip at lougher.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 13:39:24 UTC 2007

Printchanges for the current proposed security release.  This has
no reversions from the previous release (2.6.20-16.28) except for the
ata_piix/piix PCI IDs reversion.

It also has 4 security patches, and 3 non-security patches.

  [Phillip Lougher]

  * Revert "{ata_,}piix: Consolidate PCI IDs. Move ata_piix pata IDs to
    - GIT-SHA d20328e312148f5c47cb38482e967ed9a1b7fdb9

  [Tim Gardner]

  * Work around Dell E520 BIOS reboot bug.
    - GIT-SHA 7d6ddf6fc8d2b5f40faac3c7915df71b4acb2fd4
    - Bug #114854

  [Upstream Kernel Changes]

  * Don't be picky about virtual-dma values on sun4v.
  * Fix VMI logic error
  * [CRYPTO] geode: Fix in-place operations and set key (CVE-2007-2451)
  * random: fix error in entropy extraction (CVE-2007-2453)
  * random: fix seeding with zero entropy (CVE-2007-2453)
  * [Bluetooth] Fix L2CAP and HCI setsockopt() information leaks

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