Feisty security update, list of changes

Ben Collins ben.collins at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 5 20:40:51 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-06-05 at 19:43 +0100, Phillip lougher wrote:

>     Revert "UBUNTU: p54pci: Fix error path when eeprom read fails"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: vbox: Remove this driver. It will be outdated by release."
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Squashfs: add SetPageError handling"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/: Forward-port intel8x0 quirks from ubuntu-edgy.git (intel8x0.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/: Forward-port more intel8x0 quirks from kernel-team@ (intel8x0.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/hda/: Revert Toshiba model setting (ALC861_TOSHIBA) for SSID 1179:ff10 (patch_realtek.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/hda/: Add missing SSID for ALC861-VD (patch_realtek.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/hda/: Fix regression from Edgy - incorrect model quirk for ALC861-VD (patch_realtek.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/hda/: Fix inaudible sound on yet another Toshiba laptop - incorrect model quirk (patch_realtek.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/ac97/: Fix regression from Edgy - readd jack sense blacklist entries (ac97_patch.c)"
>     Revert "ocfs2_dlm: Missing get/put lockres in dlm_run_purge_lockres"
>     Revert "ocfs2_dlm: Add missing locks in dlm_empty_lockres"
>     Revert "ocfs2_dlm: Fix lockres ref counting bug"
>     Revert "ocfs2_dlm: Check for migrateable lockres in dlm_empty_lockres()"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Added more USB device IDs"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: bcm43xx: Update to 2.6.21"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Backported from 2.6.21-rc6"
>     Revert "i2c: Remove the warning on missing adapter device"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: rtc: Ratelimit "lost interrupts" message."
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Enable ICH8GM (Crestline) support"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: intel_agp: fix G965 GTT size detect"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Prevent i2c_ec module from faulting becasue of uninitialized device parent."
>     Revert "[PS3] Add HV call to local_irq_restore()."
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Cause SoftMac to emit an association event when setting ESSID."
>     Revert "[PATCH] futex: PI state locking fix"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Fix pata_sis crashes preventing booting"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Initialize the Broadcom USB Bluetooth device in Dell laptops."
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Update tifm driver to 0.8d"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: [OCFS2] Local mounts should skip inode updates"
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: SUN4U PCI-E controller support."
>     Revert "[VIDEO]: Add Sun XVR-500 framebuffer driver."
>     Revert "[VIDEO]: Add Sun XVR-2500 framebuffer driver."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Fix recursion in PROM tree building."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Bump PROMINTR_MAX to 32."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Correct FIRE_IOMMU_FLUSHINV register offset."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Add bq4802 TOD chip support, as found on ultra45."
>     Revert "[SERIAL] SUNHV: Add an ID string."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Be more resiliant with PCI I/O space regs."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Add missing cpus_empty() check in hypervisor xcall handling."
>     Revert "[SPARC64]: Add hypervisor API negotiation and fix console bugs."
>     Revert "Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/hda/: Add (un)muting for jack sense on Lenovo 3000 N100 (patch_analog.c)""
>     Revert "UBUNTU: sound/pci/hda/: Forcibly set the maximum number of codecs (hda_intel.c)"
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Update Squashfs to latest version."
>     Revert "UBUNTU: Change CONFIG_NR_CPUS from 32 to 64."
>     Revert "Input: i8042 - fix AUX IRQ delivery check"
>     Revert "Input: i8042 - another attempt to fix AUX delivery checks"
>     Revert "Input: i8042 - fix AUX port detection with some chips"

I'm not sure where you got that these should be reverted. The only one
that required reversion was ata_piix/piix, which I don't even see up
there, so our primary bug would still exist.

1) We need a kernel out ASAP. And I mean like yesterday, that simply
reverts the ata_piix/piix PCI ids moving.

2) Let's not go making huge changes and complicate the problems we
already have.

Half the things you reverted above will break current installs and/or
cause compile problems. Some of the other reversions will keep things
from booting and a few more will actually cause us to fall back on
contractual obligations.

Please, revert back to the last upload to feisty-security, revert the
ata_piix/piix PCI id move, and do an immediate upload after posting the
changelog here. We need this done tomorrow.

Once I get the process down for -updates and -security uploads for
kernels, we can move these commits. We can't just drop them.

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