[Fwd: [PATCH 1/2 #upstream] libata: udpate ata_dev_try_classify() arguments]

Edward Amsden amsden_linux at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 20 16:10:29 UTC 2007

This is the the first of two patches for kernel bug #8784, launchpad bug
#126849. This patch was created by Tejun Heo of the linux kernel
development team. It will be committed to kernel 2.6.23. The patch has
been tested against kernel 2.6.22, and along with path 2/2 solves the
issues with ICHx chipsets not recognizing ATA/SATA drives with the
ata_piix module.
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Subject: [PATCH 1/2 #upstream] libata: udpate ata_dev_try_classify()	arguments
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