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On 10/12/06, Erik van de Stolpe <erik at vandestolpe.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this message is not off-topic here. But I am very, very
> interested in Xen to run serveral ubuntu instances on 1 server computer.
> I read this needs recompiling the kernel, something I have not done
> before and I prefer t stay away from as far as possible. Is there a
> precompiled Ubuntu with Xen? And if not, would it be a very difficult
> thing to install for a non-compiler? The best I have done in the past in
> this area is compiling apache/mysql/php to run with Oracle which has
> been a headache from begin to end.
> If this posting is completely off-topic and if there is a known proper
> team or forum, would you please send this question on or let me know? It
> would be very much appreciated!
> Thank you very much,
> Erik van de Stolpe
> The Netherlands.
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