compiling linux-restricted-modules?

Matt Price matt.price at
Sun Oct 1 02:51:36 UTC 2006


I need software-suspend2 for my laptop -- possibly swsusp1 would work
with some tweaking but settings introduced when I was running dapper
seem to have broken all swsusp1 kernel functionality post-update.  have
not been able to identify the problem so I'm compiling my own kernels as
a last resort.  

my laptop also requires the ipw3945 module, which I see is included in
linux-restricted-modules, I assume in a different version from that
included in the main git tree.  I say this because while my wireless
works when running the standard edgy kernels, it is broken in
self-compiled kernels, even when building in a clean environment
following the directions at .  

In any case, I assume that my problem is either (a) I need to compile
linux-restricted-modules or at least the ipw3945 module; or (b)
something in my buld environment breaks the ipw3945 functionality.  I am
building in edgy using gcc 4.1.1-6ubuntu2.  THe packages build and
install fine, but resultant kernels do not seem to identify the eth1
device properly.  

anyway.  I'd really love to know how I ought to proceed, and esp if
there are instructions for building l-r-m.  any suggestions?  thanks,


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