bug contact 2.6.19

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 11:12:09 UTC 2006

On 11/20/06, Ben Collins <ben.collins at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-11-19 at 23:45 +0100, Tormod Volden wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Shouldn't this team/list be the bug mail contact for
> > linux-source-2.6.19 ? Seems like the 2.6.19 errors currently just go a
> > little unnoticed into the ubuntu-bugs bucket.
> a) No, this list is not meant to be high volume (and it means the kernel
> team would end up getting dupes of all bug emails)

Ok, I was just comparing with the bug mail settings for 2.6.17 and
2.6.15, and they had kernel-team or kernel-bugs, whereas 2.6.19 has
nothing. I guess I didn't mean this list, but the kernel-bugs list.

> b) Can't see how you can say that. I've been handling 2.6.19 bugs quit
> regularly. If you mean the past week, then that's because all of
> Ubuntu/Canonical was at an AllHands meeting last week. So I haven't had
> time to do much with it.

Sorry, I was only referring to last week's activity. You're doing a
great job :)

Thanks, Tormod

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