[Bug 33089] Re: Cannot set auto access point for wlan0

Peter T Hayward peter at hwtl.co.uk
Sun May 21 08:16:25 UTC 2006

I am now using the 2.6.15-23 kernel with Dapper 6.06 beta on an Intel Mac Mini with atheros 5006 wireless card. It will not connect unless I *manually* enter 'iwconfig ath0 channel 1' to kick off the channel scan.
My interfaces file just sets a static IP, etc., and explicitly identifies the ap for ath0 (unfortunately it still does not search). 
I have tried 'pre-up iwconfig ath0 channel 1' but this is ignored.

It seems the problem I originally identified is still there, together
with inability to initiate channel scan on the atheros card, in the 23

Cannot set auto access point for wlan0

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