[Bug 36991] Re: [Bug 36991] Re: Sync fai-kernels from Debian

Henning Sprang henning at sprang.de
Sat May 6 08:10:05 UTC 2006

Timo Aaltonen wrote:
> I'd say that there's no need for fai, since the preseeding functionality
> of debian-installer is IMHO superior to fai. I've been using d-i for
> automated installations for a year now, and fai would be out of the
> question because of its reliance on NFS.

What do you want to say with this?
1) FAI doesn't need NFS - you can make a fai-cd

2) Just because you don't need FAI doesn't mean nobody else does. I 
won't start a discussion here about the pro's and con's of FAI vs. d-i, 
cause I think it's pointless - there are definitely people who want and 
need FAI, on Debian AND Ubuntu, and they have their reasons.

3) This bug isn't the right place for this discussion. If you have 
nothing to say about the specific bug we are talking about here, please 
don't post to the bug.

4) You can mail me personally, or the FAI Mailing list for a deeper 
discussion about FAI vs. d-i.

5) I respect the people using d-i - so I would never tell somebody he 
can throw d-i away because I have FAI.


Sync fai-kernels from Debian

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