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Jose Lagares gabriel.lagares at
Tue Mar 28 20:03:57 UTC 2006


I'm a CS Master Degree student, and we have a team will be extracting and
documenting the architecture of Linux. We know that having the architecture
of a a software available is a huge advantage for understanding and viewing
the whole OS. We would like to contribute our work to the Linux community,
and we are pretty sure it will be usefull for future development, and
maintainance work. Since we are all new to the Linux internals we will like
to be pointed to some direction regarding :

Wich is the best Linux source code distribution available?

Is there any more actualized document (there is a 1998 document<>)
of the linux architecture?

If there are any developers that would like to get involved in the project?

Is there any central community for the developers of Linux? A centralized
code repository (sourceforge?)?

Thanks a lot for any help, he hope we can contribute to this great OS

gabriel Lagares
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