Accelerated graphics questions (many!)

Jean-Eric Cuendet jec at
Sun Feb 19 18:58:57 UTC 2006

Thanks a lot. That clarify many things.

Does someone have experiences with Intel 915 accelerated OpenGL through 
Mesa/DRI? Is it working or is Nvidia/ATI the only accelerated graphics 
platform available for Linux?
And experiences with Intel950 graphics? Is it supported? And better than 


Rui T.C.Matos wrote:
> From: Jean-Eric Cuendet <jec at>
>>Since Xgl is out, hardware accelerated is "the* topic out there!
>>Would someone explain me exactly what is involved to get 3d acclerated?
>>As I understand, there is OpenGL, which is a library (Mesa). It gives
>>some 3d functions. Without 3d acceleration, the CPU do the hard job.
>>But if we have a 3d card, then we need something to make that OpenGL
>>fast. At this point things get harder to understand...
>>There is first the DRI/DRM driver. What resides in kernel? DRM? Both?
>>Is DRI only a shared library that is loaded by OpenGL? Or is it a kernel
>>What is the GLX module? A wrapper around OpenGL/Mesa so it is accessible
>>through X11?
>>There are drm.ko and i915.ko modules in /lib/modules/... , what are they
>>for? Is that the DRM or the DRI part of Intel 915 platform? Does that
>>provide hardware accelerated for Intel GMA 915?
> You desperately need to read this:
>>What about integrating r200/r300 drivers in Ubuntu? They seem to provide
>>accelerated 3d for ATI cards. Is there a non-free issue?
> AFAIK they are free software. The problem I think is lack of stability, they are
> pretty much hard edged code.
> Rui

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