Enabled 3G in new kernel?

Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias egallego at babel.ls.fi.upm.es
Sat Feb 11 02:16:56 UTC 2006


I've noticed this 


enabling the 3/1 split on the newer kernel-image on Ubuntu. The fun
is that it says [UBUNTU:v9fs] Enable on all architectures. I don't see
how's CONFIG_3G related to v9fs.

For one, it breaks lots of virtual machines (Prolog, etc...) we're
using because they need to map more than 1 Gb of memory. Also I think
this change does some other things, like breaking crossover:


but I cannot confirm it, as I don't use crossover. Nor I could add the
info to the bug report without registering.

I would like to know if Dapper will ship with config_3G enabled, 



Offtopic note: It's really hard to contribute something to ubuntu bug
tracker when it requires registration and it has no email interface (o
no pointer to that interface), and it's even harder when you are used
to debbugs.

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