kernel crash on Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.66GHz 4-cpus machine

Jean-Eric Cuendet jec at
Fri Aug 18 14:23:28 UTC 2006

> you mean a hardware failure could have provoked the crash and no messages
> have been written in any logfile?

Of course. Think of memory failure. Or NIC causing bad interrupt which 
panic the kernel.
In these cases, first thing is to do a memtest86 test. You have it in 
GRUB at startup.
That said, it could very well be a kernel bug also. Don't know.

> Right now the machine is up again and I am working on it. How could I 
> find out which is the problem?

Test memory. That's the main cause I've seen that freeze the machine.
Also, just to be sure, what is the machine? Dell? Have you a SCSI RAID 
card? PERC3?
I had problems with that kind of hardware...

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