Compiling the dapper kernel

Tony Lewis gnutered at
Thu Aug 17 09:29:53 UTC 2006

Ben Collins wrote:
> We don't really suggest it, but check the wiki. There's some howto's
> there.
I have a few reasons for wanting to.

1. I want to be able to build it myself with (e.g.) custom vserver 
packages - so as not to be dependent on Gerard's vserver kernel package 

2. I wanted the latest SMP kernel (though I since found out it's 
provided - I'm running it now)

The wiki pages, as I mentioned in the previous email, don't seem to work 
- there seems to be some debian/* files missing from the git 
repository.  That's the thrust of my original query: is the git clone + 
debian/rules binary-debs commands the recommended way to build the 
current dapper kernel?  if so it doesn't seem to work for me - though it 
does for edgy kernel


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