KernelFreeze, 2.6.14, UBZ agenda, and other bits

Ben Collins ben.collins at
Thu Oct 13 00:14:23 UTC 2005

> I don't like the idea of dual RCS. it is overkilling. We might want instead
> consider to use git and that's it. This will also require us to change our
> kernel build system to a more appropriate one given that we don't want
> to apply patches realtime if we switch to git.
> While i do understand the consistency point, that's up to the baz team to
> provide us with such consistency. Right now baz is simply useless on such
> a big tree and it is not recognized by upstream as preferred RCS.
> i don't want to turn this into a yet another RCS flame, but we need to be
> realistic with the goal we want to achieve and personally i prefer
> target as way more important for the entire community.

After some side discussion, it seems we are going to be git only, and I am
going to setup a bzr tree just for the purpose of tracking upstream
mainline (Linus's tree). It will only be to get people familiar with bzr,
and not for our use. Sort of a side project.

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