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Thu Oct 6 14:28:27 UTC 2005

We're not actually developing the kernel, atleast not in the same way that
Linus is. What we are doing is settling on a kernel version for a
particular release, and then making that kernel run as well as can be
expected, and support as much hardware as we can reliably do.

That involves integrating bug fixing patches. Some of the patches may have
been backported from a newer kernel than the one we are using (e.g.
backporting 2.6.14-rc1 patches to our 2.6.12 kernel in breezy).

The other portion (the much larger one) is integrating patches and drivers
from outside the kernel tree. These drivers are usually to support newer
hardware, which has not yet been supported in the mainline kernel.

There's lots of cooperation between us and the rest of the kernel
developers, in that they help us fix bugs that our users report, in
whichever area of expertise they might have (PCI, USB, networking, etc).

On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 01:47:19PM +0200, Barthold F. J. Dornseiffen wrote:
> Hello developers,
> My name is Barthold Dornseiffen and i am from the Nethelands. Currently 
> i am writing a thesis about "Open Source Software analyzed in a 
> desicion-making context", to fulfill my master degree. Because of the 
> significant growth figures of Ubuntu, i am interested in this 
> distribution. So why am i writing to the kernel-team? Because is would 
> like the know the global differences with the Ubuntu kernel and the 
> Linux kernel developed by OSDL. Is there much cooperation between your 
> team and the OSDL team?
> Thanks in forward,
> Barthold Dornseiffen
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